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Statement or Purpose:

The work of Light Omega unites two energy streams, that of the Christ and that of the Divine Mother, merging these two into one, that this combined stream may act as a beacon of light upon the Earth and an energy of oneness for the purpose of universal transformation.  Light Omega's work is as a catalytic seed within consciousness, to help people transform into a new way of life.



LIGHT OMEGA was founded as a center for spiritual teaching and healing to support those who wish to serve God and Life by putting into practice the sacred teachings of Light.  Such service does not depend on religious outlook, but rather on the Divine commitment of the soul to serve humanity’s need to take the next step in its evolutionary process.

Established in 1990 in western Massachusetts, Light Omega is based on the teachings of Julie of Light Omega. These teachings form the mystical heart and core of all religions. In their present form, they are expressed anew as universal principles, applicable by anyone of any background.    

The work of Light Omega unites the two energy streams of the Christ and the Divine Mother, streams typically centered in the East and West, merging these two into one so that the Earth may be brought forward into the next stage of its evolution. This is done through the opening of the way of love and unity that ends forever the state of separation that has characterized much of human history. In its place it establishes oneness with all beings and with the One Creator of all.

In service to this goal, the path of purification is taught so that mind, heart, and body may become suitable vessels to contain and sustain the light of God that is their true foundation and inheritance. Purification is the way of embodied spirituality. It separates light and darkness within the embodied self and sets free each being to realize their higher identity.

A holy endeavor such as this does not partake of religious or spiritual distinctions. For it is the experience of Divine light rather than any particular doctrine that is the teacher, and it is the experience of Divine Love that replaces all concerns about faith and belief with a deeper knowing. As each one transforms in this direction, reaching for the truth that lives at their core, the Earth will become what it is meant to be - a holy and illumined planet, radiant with the light and love of God.


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