Truth carried on the wings of light


Julie of Light Omega

Everywhere the voice of truth cries out to be heard.  Like hope, truth is a light-force  waiting to be liberated within the planetary body so that it can manifest in human affairs. 

The voice of truth is not a doctrine but rather the desire for honesty, integrity, purity, innocence, and compassion, each emerging from a central core of respect for the life of others, irrespective of class, color, background, or differentness from oneself.

This truth-force is presently growing stronger.  It is gaining adherents in every country and on every soil.  Its measure is not yet its successes in establishing new structures by which men may live, but rather its uncovering of deception, misrepresentation of facts, hypocrisy, and posturing,  whenever and wherever these occur.  This is the power of truth and the nature of truth, to reveal all that is unlike itself.

The force of truth is aligned with the force of light that grows steadily upon the Earth.  It takes root within the human heart and seeks an outlet for expression.  It takes root within the human voice and seeks to correct patterns of false speaking.   It takes root within the body and spirit so that the desire grows to be oneself, to know oneself, and to act in a manner that is consistent with one's deepest values.

The movement of truth is, today, penetrating even the most blocked and repressed of individuals and societies.  It is asking that the masks that cover repression and oppression be taken down so that true freedom can begin. 

It is sorting out those who more clearly represent the interests of others from those who more clearly seek their own gain while declaring themselves to be representatives of the people.

Wherever this stream of energy intersects with human experience, there, events will evolve more quickly into a more compassionate, more humane expression.  Old postures will become less rigid, and partners in discussion will find it easier to listen and to cooperate with each other.

The power of truth is carried on the wings of light and is being broadcast to the four corners of the Earth.  It will unearth the deceptive practices that have kept humanity bound to the rule of darkness for eons, and will overturn the prevailing ethic that allows some to gain much at the expense of others who retain little.  It will create a new foundation for relationships, since the foundation of mutual respect and harmony will naturally evolve out of being oneself and becoming willing to see people as they truly are.

The force of truth cannot be measured in its importance or in its impact.  Indeed, all of the world waits to be set free by it.  All of the world desires the liberty that will result.  As its movement slowly envelops the consciousness of mankind, those who are more aware of the power of integrity and of inner purity may act as wayshowers for the rest, for the virtue of innocence and purity is that it acts as a lodestar for others who continue to live in darkness.  And the power of integrity is such that all who see it admire it and strive to find it within themselves.

Blessed is this moment of awakening truth, this moment of the empowerment of truth.  May all be blessed with its blessings. 





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