Voice of the Oneness

There is never a moment when you are truly alone,
for you are in relationship with everything around you at all times.

Dear Beloved One,

The "Book of Unity - Voice of the Oneness" is a Calendar of daily messages whose purpose is to convey in whatever way is possible through words, the path to Oneness.  The process of ending separated consciousness and living once again as part of a greater whole is a central aspect of what we now call the 'ascension process.'  In this Calendar, the Voice of the One offers insights into how this process may be accelerated and what attitudes and feelings must come into play in order to move most smoothly into unity.


In addition to its purpose related to ascension, the Calendar's purpose is also to convey the boundless Love of the Divine One that gives birth to All and lives within All.  This Love is part of the inner being of each and every human being, though not always felt as such.  The Divine Beloved that is the Father-Mother Creator expresses limitless Love here in a way that the heart can respond to and the soul rejoice in.


Messages from the Book of Unity will come to you every day for one hundred days.  When each one arrives, it is best to read it, listen to the recording of the message, and sit quietly with it for 5 or more minutes.  Nothing more is needed than sitting in silence, for the words themselves are like gentle arrows into the heart and can do their work best if a space of silence is created around them.


Dearest Beloved One, the Book of Unity is a gift from the One to you.  Its aim is to fully awaken you to the potential of this time and of your own deepest being.


Those Who Serve the Light


From the 'Book of Unity' - (Listen to recording)


I Am with you, beloved one.
I Am with you.
I Am the air you breathe,
the heart that beats within you,
the life-force that flows through you
and that flows through all things.
I Am everywhere and I Am everything.
Bless the Oneness which embraces all.


- Day 52







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