The Birth of a Sacred Planet

And it shall come to pass in the last days, that the mountain of the Lord's house

shall be established in the top of the mountains.... and all nations shall flow unto it. 

Isaiah 2:2



Writings by Julie of Light Omega

Selected Articles on Planetary Transformation

                   A Beginner's Guide

   Introduction - The Future of the Earth
   The Great Spiritual Awakening of the Earth
   History of the Soul's Journey Through Time
   History of the Soul's Journey - Part II
   Time of Awakening
   The Influence of Darkness on Consciousness
   Symbols of Hope and Lines of Light
   A Cosmology of Light
The Divine Unity of 'One'
The New Light-Body
The Impermanent/Permanent Self
Time and Timelessness
   Quantum Physics and Evolving Consciousness
   Moving Toward Fifth-Dimensional Awareness
   Spherical Thinking, Time and Timelessness
   Non-Linear Time and the Divine Flow
   Ancient Prophecies
        Visions of the Prophet Isaiah
        The Prophecies of Isaiah
        Cross of the Four Crowns
        Cross of the Four Crowns Image
   A New History
The Rose and the Thorn
The Fulfillment of Wishes - A Brief Spiritual History
The Transformation of the Living Earth
The Sacred Earth*
Childbirth and the Manifestation of Divine Life
Mandalas of Life
The Sense of the Sacred and the Return to Love

Selfhood, Surrender, and the Journey to Wholeness

Winter Solstice - 2012
The Pathway to Indwelling Divinity
   The Glory of the Light*
   The Changing Nature of Physical Reality
   The Spiritual Nature of Ordinary Time*
   The Fundamental Nature of Reality: Consciousness
   Entering a New Reality
   Planetary Transformation: The Time We Are In
   Planetary Transformation: The Earth's Role in the Cosmos
   Hope and its Manifestation in the World of Tomorrow
   A New History for a New Time*
   Heavenly Jerusalem
   The Heart of Humanity

   Partaking of the Tree of Life

   Everything is Energy
   Three Dispensations of Divine Revelation

Transformational Pathways

    The Right to Nourishment
    The Blood of the Earth
    Loving the Earth
    Redemption of the Body of the Earth
    Mission Blue - The Blue Heart of the Planet (Video)
    A Call to Awaken - An End to the Idea of 'Disposable People'
    The Blessing of Devotion


        (Expanded Section)

Message to the Beloved Ones
Holy Messages from 'I Am'
   AN AWAKENING EARTH  (Available on CD)
       An Awakening Earth
       The Horizon of Expanding Consciousness
       The Cosmic Moment
       The Awakening of Truth
       The Rising Sun
   About Julie
   About Light Omega
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