Burst into singing all ye lands,

for the time of awakening is here.

Julie of Light Omega

The blood of the Earth is not only shed when trees are cut down or forests are burned or the air is contaminated by fossil fuels, preventing plants and animals from breathing and developing normally.  The blood of the Earth is also shed when human blood is spilled upon her sacred ground.  For each living body that exists upon the Earth is part of her Body; each is part of the living Whole.

The blood of the Earth weeps with tears of pain as if to say: “How can this be done to me?  How can this be done to each other? How can the life that is One and that is whole be mutilated and destroyed in this fashion?

The Earth cries out when blood is spilled.  She weeps with the pain of her children and seeks to uphold those who are suffering as a result of that pain.  She is the Mother to all who are part of her, who are her children in truth, in body as well as in spirit.  For the atoms of the flesh are part of her atoms, and the life of the cells are part of her life.  The Earth recognizes this oneness, even while it remains unknown, still, to most of her inhabitants.

In the face of the killing now taking place in many parts of the globe, the heart of the Earth weeps, and holds with all who suffer, everywhere, that there shall come a time when suffering shall be no more, when the pain of wanton destruction shall be no more, for each shall know themselves to be part of the other, and each shall hold that other to be part of the sacred self.  This time has not yet arrived, and till it does, the blood of the Earth is continuing to be spilled, day by day, moment by moment, in the careless disregard for life that is part of the destruction of life wherever it takes place, whenever it takes place.

Oh, you who would change the conditions by which mankind lives, know that the blood of the Earth is the real life-force that carries life to all who are part of her one Body.  It is the real current of life that is being spilled and as it is spilled, it affects the life of every other living being on the planet.  Know this, then, that those who lead mankind to keeping their promises to God and to each other, must take responsibility for ending the shedding of the blood of the Earth.  They must take responsibility for protecting the sacredness of life everywhere, for only in this way can the life of the Earth be preserved in its beauty and wholeness, and only in this way can the future of mankind in its promise, and in its potential for peace and abundance, be insured.


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