~ the One life in the many ~


It is the time of awakening, the time when the sacred Source

of life can become a living reality.

Beloved Ones,

Welcome to the Calendar of Awakening, offering seeds of light to further the awakening process and to help with the release of old patterns of thought and perception.


The experience of awakening is unique to each soul.  Yet it is also shaped by the collective transformation of our time and the movement toward Unity and Love that is being activated by the presence of increased light on the Earth.

Awakening is non-denominational.  It does not depend on religious belief, conviction, or on whether one has a belief at all.  Rather, it depends on the readiness of the embodied soul to have a direct experience of Divine reality.  How that experience becomes translated, with what language, perception, and feeling, is an individual matter that relates to the deepest layers of soul consciousness.

The purpose of this Calendar is to help liberate the soul's inner knowing so that the truth of Oneness and of the sacred Source of life can become a living reality. The Calendar seeks to do this not only through words, but through the vibration that the words carry.  For this reason, it is best to sit with the daily messages for a short time, letting them sift through your awareness until they are fully absorbed.  This allows the deepening process to take place most fully.

The Calendar of Awakening will come to you daily for one hundred and six days.  If you wish to receive messages in the morning, there is a greater likelihood of this happening if you sign up for the first time in the morning, around the time you would like to receive messages.

When you sign up, you will immediately receive a Confirmation e-mail asking you to click on the link provided before your subscription can be complete.  PLEASE WATCH FOR IT.  Some forget to do this and in such cases we are unable to send the daily messages.

Blessings, beloved ones.  May these seeds of light expand the path of awakening you are already on. 

Julie of Light Omega


Please note: The Calendar of Awakening is also available as a PDF e-Book in the Light Omega Bookshop



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