Discovering the sacred Essence


~ awakening to the Divine self within ~

Beloved Ones,

The Calendar of Discovery was created in order to offer those seeking a deeper connection with their Divine self an access route to self-discovery.   

Such knowledge is not hidden from human consciousness, but has been covered over through eons of time during which the embodied soul began to identify more and more with its surroundings and with the physical body.   The understanding of identity that this led to was inevitable at the time, and could not evolve further until sufficient light was present upon the Earth to make available a sense of something deeper that lay within.  This was true even if that something could not immediately be felt or understood.   

The big step being taken today by many in the presence of increasing light is a movement toward this deeper self and toward a life that is more open, more hopeful, and more real.  Such a life contains the understanding that there is a common identity inherent to being human that is the core Divine nature of each one.  What brings souls closer to this deeper core is love - love for God, for others, for the Earth, for oneself.  As love expands in the presence of greater light, knoweldge of the Divine within simultaneously grows and begins to be experienced as the center of one's being and life. 

The Calendar of Discovery contains one hundred e-mailed messages that are best absorbed when followed by a period of silent meditation or reflection.  It is suggested that after receiving the day's message that you sit quietly for a few minutes to absorb its content and to allow its energy to fill you. 

Here are some quotes from the Calendar of Discovery:


To find truth, one must look to the heart.

For the heart knows things that are beyond opinion,

things that one's whole being knows

without having to be told.


Being spiritual is not about which religion

you were born into,

but about the truth your heart holds

concerning what it values most.


Thoughts and feelings go out to the world

either to help it or to add to its difficulties.

Your thoughts create the life you will have

and the life of the world you will share.



When you sign up for the Calendar, you will immediately receive an onscreen Welcome message and a confirmation e-mail which you must respond to.  Please look for it and CLICK ON THE LINK PROVIDED.  If you do not do this, you cannot receive the Calendar's messages. 

Beloved Ones, the Calendar of Discovery is meant to help create a new reality.  Today the Earth is shifting into a new state of being as humanity learns to recognize the oneness of all and as Divine light begins to more fully infuse all life-forms.  The Calendar of Discovery is part of this shift and was created to aid humanity in its transition forward.

With all love and blessings -  Julie of Light Omega


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