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Dear Beloved Ones,

The Calendar of Light is a platform for healing and transformation into a new way of life, based on the principles of light and of purification. Its teachings are modern adaptations of ancient knowledge, brought into today's language and cultural understanding. These teachings are fundamental to an understanding of the transformation that the Earth is going through at this time, due to an increase in spiritual light. This increased light is bringing about profound changes in human consciousness that are accompanying changes occurring to the Earth itself.

All who are on the Earth at this time are undergoing a process of purification, some with awareness, some not.  Through this process, those parts of the self that cannot hold the higher vibrations of light are being released or shed so that the new energy of light can take their place. This shedding may be mysterious to the part of the mind that clings to the rational, and unsettling to the part of the psyche that clings to the familiar. It is for this reason that the Calendar of Light came into being - to assist in the transition from one way of life to another by presenting ideas and applications that can offer comfort and understanding to both heart and mind concerning the process now taking place.

The Calendar of Light is divided into eleven categories that deal with concepts related to light and purification. These are:


1.  Food

2.  Energies

3.  Emotions

4.  Light

5.  Darkness

6.  Evolution of Souls

7.  The Nature of Thought

8.  Doubt and Trust

9.  Higher Purpose

10.  Relationships

11.  Seven Principles of Purification

Accompanying the discussions within each category are spiritual practices and 'awareness tasks' to help bring the ideas presented into a more embodied perspective. Many of these practices are in the form of guided meditations which have been recorded to make possible a deeper experience of communion with the higher vibrations of light. These recorded meditations are essential to the overall purposes of the Calendar.  The Calendar of Light is not a program of study as much as a way of anchoring in a new and sacred reality, one that corresponds to the deeper source of truth that lives within you.

Engaging with the Calendar of Light can take place at many levels, but the deepest involves a commitment of time, energy, and motivation in order to absorb the most from the concepts being presented and in order to find suitable ways of putting these concepts into practice within daily life.  One can read these messages and not engage with the practices, but the level of absorption into the new reality will then be less complete.  It is only by experiencing something directly that one can know that it is true.

You will find upon entering the Calendar Series that the rhythm of it is gentle and can carry you from one message to the next.  Each message will leave you with thoughts and an invitation to put into practice the new learning taking place.  It is best to sit with the e-mailed message that will come to you every three days, to reflect upon it, and to put into practice whatever 'spiritual practice' or 'awareness task' is presented for that day.  For some, this may require a deliberate intentional effort.  For others, it will come naturally without effort at all.  What is important here is the phenomenon of immersion,  that is, that you know that your intent is to enter a new reality in order to take part in full measure in the changes that the Earth is presently going through.

You are being invited, Beloved Ones, into a glorious time of transformation and purification so that you can live as a soul upon the Earth and reap the full benefits of what that might mean.  This may presently be unknown to your conscious mind, but it is known to your heart and to your deeper self.  Those in the Realms of Light are everpresent with those who engage with this Calendar, and so help is avaialble both on inner levels and through questions that may be directed to Julie via Comments.

Here are the instructions for subscribing to the Calendar of Light:

1.  Your donation to Light Omega via PayPal will automatically connect you to the mailing list from which the Calendar of Light messages will come to you.   Checks are also acceptable, but these take longer to process.

2.  A suggested donation scale is available from which you may choose  a payment amount.  This payment will subscribe you to the Calendar. The amount may be paid in full when you sign up or you may choose to make 10 monthly installments automatically through PayPal.  Please understand that our intent is to make this Calendar available to all, and so if you are able to contribute at a higher level, we ask that you do so to support our universal intent.

3.  For those who cannot afford this amount, we ask that you write to us at and explain your circumstances, and we will make a different arrangement with you.   Such an arrangement may involve you in contributing service of a different kind, however, as a way of being in right relationship to what you will be receiving.  Read the Philosophy of Donations to understand this principle.

Dearest Beloved Ones, the journey into greater light is the most exciting adventure of our time and you are here on the Earth now in order to participate in it. May this be a blessed beginning and a new expansion into greater light.

Those Who Serve the Light

Note: The Calendar of Light is also available in eBook format in the Light Omega Bookshop. However, it is much more difficult to experience the conscious immersion in a process that has multiple dimensions when reading on one's own, and so we recommend the eBook only as an adjunct to the online experience.



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