Structure of the Calendar in Brief

Messages in the Calendar of Light are e-mailed every three days for ten months. 

Two short breaks (9 days each) after Day 30 and Day 60 create time to be still and reflect, or to focus on messages of particular interest.


Spiritual practices and Awareness tasks direct attention to the application of each day's message within daily life


Recorded meditations form an important part of the Calendar and can be listened to with beneficial effect, allowing the body and consciousness to incorporate greater light


Reference lists are provided for easy access to spiritual practices, meditations, etc.


**Twice-monthly online 'seminars' with Julie create a forum in which support is available and questions concerning healing or spriritual practice can be answered at greater depth.  Not available at this time.


Flexible payment is available either by single payment or monthly.  This payment will support Light Omega's ability to offer this Calendar to all and is not a payment to Julie whose Divine service is offered freely.


Taking part in this Calendar will allow you to more readily incorporate the vibration of the higher Realms of Light whose energy and purpose infuse this Calendar



**Please note: The online seminars are not available at this time.  However, the Calendar stands on its own without them. For individual questions you may contact Julie at Comments.



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