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There are children who are coming to the earth now who carry more light in their bodies then those of the past. These children have been called by various names for they have been arriving for a while now. What characterizes their embodiment is a greater sensitivity to energies, a greater alignment with the purposes of light, peace, and love, and often a greater vulnerability, especially when very young, to the energies of darkness. In particular, those who are incarnating at this time are coming into circumstances in which not only a greater amount of light is present on the earth, but also a greater amount of darkness. And so children who are sensitive will be feeling the effects of both in their energy bodies and will sometimes have difficulty absorbing the dark energies that may be moving through them, attracted to the light within them.

Unfortunately, it is still a time of diminished awareness of the effects of energy on human consciousness and therefore on the consciousness of children. For this reason, those children whose systems are easily overstimulated by the impact of too much energy entering at one time, as well as those children who are vulnerable to the influx of dark currents because of their energetic makeup, may be misperceived or misdiagnosed as they display symptoms of distress because of an overload to their system of energy and emotion that they cannot process.

Children who carry greater light in their bodies need to be helped through this time since they have no way of knowing what is happening to them when they start feeling like lashing out, running away, disobeying adult authority, or acting in rejecting or rebellious ways that had not been typical of them before. To help them, it is necessary to understand how to translate their behavior not through a psychological prism, but through an understanding of the relationship of light and darkness and of the capacity of each embodied being to separate from intruding energies.

In the first place, darkness is often attracted to light as a combatant is attracted to that which it perceives as opposing it. In this way, energies of darkness are often electromagnetically drawn toward the light in order to diminish or extinguish it, not to befriend it. These energies, when they enter the very young, can cause unexplainable agitation, difficulty sleeping, sudden outbursts of negative or insulting behavior, threats of violence, as well as general bodily distress. Most of the time, parents who experience these sudden episodes in their children do not know what is going on and look for a psychological explanation that might be causing them. While psychological factors are always present, operating for the most part on an unconscious level and not necessarily visible through a child's behavior prior to this time, they do not become activated until stirred into activity by the energies of darkness which pass through a child, linking with whatever tendencies exist at an unconscious or subconscious level. Then, parents may begin to witness unexplainable outbursts of negativity, even in children who are predominantly carrying a great deal of light. We need to understand that this is not how a child would behave if not influenced by energies of darkness. It is how they behave because they do not have the requisite awareness or control to know what is going on in order to prevent such occurrences from happening.

As parents, the responsibility we have for teaching children not only about how to act but about who they are becomes central at a time when a child's behavior seems out of control, or when we feel mystified about why they are acting the way they do. What we see is a sudden change from being angelic at one moment to being rude and abrasive in the next, a change that is startling and unexplainable. As we witness this, it often happens that we have no basis through observation of our own for locating anything external and obvious that happened to cause what seem like recurrent episodes of eruption. When we, as parents, can convey to young children that there are energies moving through them that are not 'them', and that these energies are causing impulses to sweep through them that the better part of themselves would wish to not have happen, they begin to develop a 'language of energy' that is easily understood, since it corresponds to a child's actual inner experience. This 'language of energy' is often more difficult for adults to learn than for children, since adults already have other deeply entrenched ways of explaining things to themselves, whereas for a young child, anything could be true and it is more easily perceived as true if it corresponds to what they inwardly know.

The teaching that energies can move through the young that 'are not them', that such energies can seem to be in control for a while but will pass through the body and emotions shortly, bringing things back to normal, is a very important one. It is important because it begins to evoke the cooperation of a child in trying to separate from a surging impulse to act in a certain way, using the strength of mind and of understanding that it is not 'them' to create a separation. Out of this separation can come a joint effort of parent and child to not give free rein to expressions of darkness, to practice containment of such energies, and to know how to tolerate their breaking into expression without blaming the child.

This last is of great importance. If we think of disturbing behavior as primarily belonging to or emanating from the internal motivation of our children, we are much likelier to become angry or upset with them when they misbehave or do not do what we ask them to. If we think of disturbing behavior as something related to an external energy source over which a child has, at a given moment in time, little control – not until more understanding takes place concerning what is happening - we will be much less likely to blame or to wonder what we did to cause such an occurrence to take place. This is not to say that there is no psychological underpinning to the linkage with dark energies. It is just that the expression of such tendencies becomes greatly amplified by forces that are not indigenous to the child's body.

Understanding children's sudden impulsive and aggressive behavior in this way goes a long way toward reducing the emotional impact of such behavior, and allows us to maximally help our children through such episodes and to come quickly back to a more ordinary state once they are over. Such a return to normalcy is also important as part of our understanding of energy. There is a short period of time in which a stream of energy issues forth in difficult and unexplainable behaviors, and then there is an end to the episode or streaming forth, and, if parents do not carry any lingering animosity or anger, an end to the disturbance.

Often, despite the greatest knowledge that we may have concerning what is going on and the greatest inroads we may have made toward conveying this understanding to our children, it will still happen that children will need to be 'contained' until a surge of energies of darkness blows over. This is often clearly necessary when violent behavior breaks out such as hitting, pushing, throwing things, or other disturbing acts of violence. Sometimes, the best way of containment for the very young is the way of physically holding in a loving but strong embrace so that a child feels enfolded and held in check at the same time. What is lacking in internal control is often needed in external control. However, it cannot be merely external control without warmth and love. It must also convey the love that we have for our children and the compassionate understanding of what they are going through. Containment for older children is more difficult since their physical bodies are larger and more difficult to hold in check. Where this is no longer possible, some other means needs to be found to try and effect the same thing. For the young, the mixture of enfolding which prevents further outbreaks of aggressive behavior, plus love that is forgiving and embracing at the same time, goes a long way toward helping a child calm down so that the rest of the energy that is passing through them can more quickly be absorbed.

Children will not have a difficult time understanding all of this if parents do not have a difficult time understanding it. They will know that something undesirable is happening, that they have a part to play in learning how to deal with it, and that parents are allies in this regard – allies who can be counted on to help manage what cannot be managed on the child's own. During the moments of extreme incursion of energies of darkness, it often happens that a child will not see the parent as an ally, but afterward this will be the case as things settle down and as forgiveness and compassion come back into play.

Children who have come with greater light in their bodies who go through these encounters with energies of darkness are doing so not by chance, but because their souls have chosen to take on this learning prior to incarnating. Some have chosen it because of the nature of their future spiritual work in service to the light and to the earth. Others may have chosen it because of their own need for healing in this domain. Although it may not be apparent to those who watch a child's behavior during this difficult time that anything is being healed, it is nevertheless a course of healing that is happening each time a child experiences darkness and returns to the light. The healing lies in both the release of darkness into awareness and in the return to the light. One without the other would not constitute effective healing. This does not mean that acting out is necessary in order that healing take place. It means that awareness is necessary for this to occur.

It is true that within families and for young children as well, we would wish that these episodes and the feelings they stir up did not occur at all. However, the time we are in upon the earth, and the balance of light and darkness during this time, causes more to happen of behaviors that reflect darkness than would have been present at another time or that will be present in the future. With love and compassion, and with the intrinsic growth in light that will take place, children will outgrow these episodes and come to a place of healing and greater equilibrium so that these energies no longer disturb the psyche or the relationships among family members.




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