Transformation into the Light of the Soul

by Julie

The Calendar of Light trilogy contains three books which can best be read in sequence as they open a way within both body and consciousness for light to penetrate to the deeper levels of one’s being.


No matter where you are in your understanding of spiritual reality, the way of going deeper must be met with a mixture of the mind’s understanding and the heart and body’s deeper knowing.  This is what happens as the totality of one’s being takes in greater light and begins to absorb and incorporate the principles of light into the fabric of daily life.


The first part of this trilogy, the Calendar of 100 Days is a meditative exploration of principles of truth.  It is not meant to teach the mind as much as to awaken the heart to its own inner knowing and sense of truth.


The second part, Stepping Stones to Awareness, expands upon what has been awakened within consciousness through the Calendar of 100 Days in order to bring it to a higher level of integration with the conscious self and with the practices that are needed to more fully join spiritual and physical reality.


The third part, the Calendar of Light, takes what has been opened on both the level of heart and mind to a new depth of integration.  It does this both through the new concepts that it introduces as well as through the light that it carries which is meant to support and enhance the light already present within each embodied soul.


Taken together, these three books represent the new path of consciousness that opens as light expands upon the Earth and as all that has historically been separated from light and from the deeper truths of one’s innermost being become joined once again.


The Calendar of Light trilogy is being brought forward at this time in the Earth’s history to assist the expansion of light that is currently taking place, but its presence has existed since before time began.  For it was known and seen even then that the clear path for the reunion of the embodied self with the indwelling soul would require this roadmap and guide in order to emerge more fully into the light of day.  May all be blessed who share in this joining and in this emergence of a new day for the Earth.


Those Who Serve the Light


Note: The Calendar of Light Trilogy is available in PDF format in the Light Omega Bookshop.  For those who wish to have a deeper experience of this transformational vehicle, consider the Calendar of Light and Seminar Series which will immerse you in the experience of awakening in a more intense and intimate way.  This series consists of the e-mailed Calendar of Light teachings plus twice monthly 'seminars' with Julie.



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