Transformation into the Light of the Soul

by Julie of Light Omega

The Calendar of Light is a universal platform for transformation into light.  It does not adhere to any religion or spiritual belief other than that of light itself which is an emanation of God, the divine One.  It is offered to humanity at this time to help all who seek a way to become part of the new energy entering the Earth to do so.  In this, its mission is both conceptual and practical - it is to translate into everyday practical terms concepts from the higher spiritual realms that will make them easily accessible to one who seeks to live according to the light of their soul.

This Calendar was written before time began but is being offered now in manifested form so that the children of the Earth who have come here specifically to be part of this time of transition will have a roadmap and guide as to how to do so.

All blessings to those who are inhabiting the Earth at this time of great hope, great change, and the entrance of the miraculous into everyday life. The Realms of Light


The Calendar of Light is available as a program of e-mailed teachings and online seminars regarding transformation and purification into light.  It is also available as a PDF e-Book, but this is best used in conjunction with the program being offered since it will allow for greater depth of experience. 



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