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Julie of Light Omega

As the Creatorship is to the Created in the first act of giving birth, so, too, is the act of creation on all levels meant to flow from idea or intention into manifestation, following the original Divine prototype.  All true acts of creation follow this prototype, for it is based on the pure, unconditioned impulse to bring forth from within the self, something that wishes to be given external life.

The original Divine prototype extends to manifestation on all levels.  To the creation of physical reality in terms of form and function.  To the creation of artistic endeavor.  To the creation of new prototypes derived from the original, and to the creation of the physical manifestation of new life, namely, the bringing forth of children.

In the unconditioned world of manifestation, childbirth follows the Divine prototype and the sequence of conception through birth is part of a seamless flow of energy arising from Divine will united with human will.  This unity creates an experience of Divine force moving between planes to bring forth the manifestation of the new soul within the human realm. Such a passage begins even before the moment of conception, when the idea of conceiving takes place.  Yet, at the moment of conception it is given greater empowerment, and does not complete itself till long after actual physical birth has taken place. 

Especially in relation to the delivery experience itself, the current of Divine energy makes possible the smooth process of experiencing childbirth without pain, and in the presence of grace. For in the unconditioned world of manifestation, what brings forth a newborn is not the physical contractions of labor, but the Divine impulse united with human desire which stimulates an energetic flow whose end result is the birth of a child.  This is a  process that is both seamless and painless.  It is painless because it does not rely on physical contractions to do the work of bringing forth, but on the union of Divine and human will and energy.

In contrast to this unconditioned reality is the manifestation of the pattern of childbirth following the 'Fall'.  Here, Eve's temptation in the Garden of Eden gives rise to the prophesy and promise by God that women will henceforth give birth in sorrow. (Gen 3:16)  Rather than being a deliberate punishment, the deeper meaning of this statement is an acknowledgment that a chain of unity which joined the human and the Divine had been broken by Eve's action of eating of the Tree of Knowledge.  This chain had united human will with Divine will, and because of the severing of the connection, all manifested effects of the joining  could no longer take place. 

As a result, no longer could the manifestation of all that was desired happen smoothly as it had in previous times, creating abundance and fulfillment in a way that was not possible later on. Thus, this acknowledgment by God is both a prophesy and a description of what had already occurred. For Eve, representing the collectivity of human souls, had separated her will from Divine will.  Therefore, though she  might now act independently in ways that were not sanctioned by God, at the same time she had interrupted the flow of grace and energy that made the painless creative process of manifestation possible. 

This event, which was cosmic in nature, is what changed the birthing process.  For now, instead of Divine grace united with human intention producing the passage from intention to manifestation in relation to giving birth, human labor contractions and human effort would become the substitute by which children would come into the world.

Despite this, and in the face of the subsequent sorrow that has been endured through time, the Divine prototype continues to exist as the way in which manifestation is meant to occur.  The unconditioned world of abundance that all wish for lies both behind us in the 'Garden of Eden', and ahead in the future of human evolution.  Because this prototype still exists, it will one day become possible again for childbirth to be experienced without pain.  When human will is once again reunited with Divine will and a sacred world has been re-established upon the earth, reversing the original separation, then the energy flow will simultaneously be restored that replaces labor with grace in relation to physical childbirth, and pain and sorrow will be replaced by ease and joy.



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