Writings by Julie on the Light Omega website are meant to be freely offered to the world, coming from the Divine plane of Spirit that seeks to nourish, awaken, and support all beings on their spiritual journey.  May they find their place in your heart and soul, and in your sharing with others may they be treated with the sacredness with which they were created. 

In this spirit, you are invited to share these writings with others in any way you wish to or are guided to, with the exception of the images on this website which need to be treated differently.

When sharing these writings, please create a link back to this website with the following credit:


[Title of article, calendar, newsletter, poem, or message] - by Julie of Light Omega

Blessings in the light of holiness that is creating new life for the Earth. 

Those who serve the Light



Images on this site come from a variety of sources with different copyright restrictions.  For permission to use an image, please view the credit at the bottom of the web page upon which it appears.  In most cases you will need to contact the original source of the image in order to request permission to use it. .


Recordings by Julie are sacred vehicles of light offered freely to the world.  As with her writings, in sharing them with others, may they be treated with the sacredness with which they were created, and may they find their home in the deepest layers of your heart where their messages of truth and light will most harmoniously resonate.




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