Burst into singing all ye lands,

for the time of awakening is here.


Julie of Light Omega


Not since the beginning of time and the formation of the Earth itself have the planes of matter and Spirit come together in the way that they presently are.  The Alpha and Omega of creation are manifesting now as the cycle of the Earth's movement through the plane of duality and darkness is completed and a new cycle begins. 

This passage has bee prophesied since the beginning, and many have wondered as to its timing and manifestation.  Unlike some of the predictive images of a New Earth, the force of change comes both gently and with subtlety, and also swiftly and with intensity, depending on one's perspective in viewing it.

On an inner level, the cosmic moment brings together the inner unfoldment of the Divine heart of the world within the hearts of each embodied soul.  It activates new perceptions arising from new and spontaneous intuitions of truth, and brings about change on all levels of action and perception. 

On an outer level, the cosmic moment comes in large and small alternating waves of light and darkness cascading about the events of the day – the force of growth, love, reverence, and unity stirring one set of emotions, the force of separation, fear, and conflict stirring another.

Alpha and Omega – the beginning and the end – these words have a meaning that is folded into the passage of time itself.  Their relationship creates the movement forward that gives rise to the force of creative evolution and to the forward motion of human consciousness.  For consciousness is drawn forward as surely as the flow of spring water is drawn from greater mountain heights to the valleys below.  It cascades through the rivers and streams of human vulnerability and idealism, and shapes the passage from the past to the future.  Thus, inspiration, intuition, creative discovery, and the flow of life emanating from the heart all play a part in the establishment of the new.  All of these are built into the human experience and form the foundation for its unfolding expression.

The original divine Word, spoken in the beginning to bring about the transformation of Spirit into matter, now becomes the resurrected Word, born out of matter itself which now reunites with its Divine Essence and core  to become a fusion of light and life. 

In the case of the original Word, light becomes the dust of the Earth and the fabric of each embodied soul. 

In the case of the resurrected Word, the Earth and its material forms become the light of the Cosmos. 

Those who are inhabiting the Earth at this time are here to celebrate and participate in this cosmic event. No matter what internal or external  circumstances are being encountered, they are being influenced by the transition from one cycle to another – from duality to unity, from darkness to light, from unconsciousness to the illumination of truth within the heart, mind and Spirit.  In this way does a new world come into being, and with it, the capacity for human beings to achieve a stature and status within the family of souls that is new to the human experience.

May all blessings come to the Earth and her inhabitants, and may the new unity of light and life be blessed.





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