Nothing outside of It nor inside of It

Julie of Light Omega

Before there were Creator and Creation there was only One. 

One undivided Unity.

One Consciousness that had no name.

One uniform Being-ness with no divisions, no boundaries, no parts, nor functions. 

Nothing outside of It nor inside of It. 

Nothing preceding It nor to come after It. 

For there was no 'outside' nor 'inside,' no 'before' nor 'after.'

There was only Being. There was only Divine Life. 


Out of this Life arose the mysterious impulse to create, the primordial push of divine Intentionality,  the sacred expression of unknown Desire which came from a place beyond need and desire.  For there were no needs and nothing to desire.  An impulse, pure and free, gave birth to itself to create a thing born of the Mind of God that could then be born into existence - that could then be born as existence.  This pure Idea-of-Creation preceded any action, any call, any pronouncement.  First the Desire or Intention, then the manifestation. 


Pure impulse to create came into being, an impulse to manifest the only thing that did not yet exist within the great Itself - multiplicity, individuality, distinction and difference,  individual form, the Many within the One.  All this pushed forward bringing into being everything that was, and is, and shall come to be - the impulse to produce multiplicity out of Unity.  The impulse to give birth.


Out of the primary creative matrix came the first duality, the first pair – Father-Mother God - the Father being that part of the One that was the primary Creator, the active impulse moving forward.  The Mother, that part of the One that received the impulse into Itself in order to become the Many, the womb of matter, of Mater (Mother).  Father--Mother God, the first pair arising out of the nameless Unity, both parts joined to each other, both parts necessary to Creation.


Father-Mother God said, together, "Let there be light," and there was light, the active principle enunciating the edict, the receptive principle carrying it forth, bringing existence into being.  "Let there be light," also known as the sacred Aum, also known as the Word, also known as all the signs and symbols of Creation throughout all of the world''s religions, each element bursting with the new, giving rise to Creation.


Thus, Existence came into being with varying levels of distinctness as individualized identity within the One.  Some were more One than Many, some more Many than One. Within the human Creation that included both man and nature occurred the greatest degree of individualized existence.  Here, were all things that were different from everything else, that had their own names, that could become separate from each other if they chose to, the original names containing the essence, the thing that each was created to be as a part of the One.  In the course of millions of years, these became many names and many things.  In the course of the rise and fall of civilizations and cultures they adopted different faces and habits. But in the beginning, the names were what each was meant to be.


All of human Creation has traveled the path shaped by the arrow of Divine Intention to bring multiplicity out of Unity, to create individualized existence.  Yet, since all of Creation came forth from the undivided Unity, it remained That within its deepest being, always desiring a return to this, a return to the way home, the way to the Oneness that lived within its deepest core.  What became separated did not know about the path of return that already lived within it as its own Self.  Yet, it was always there, issuing forth its silent call.


Difficult to reconcile are the two currents manifested in all of human consciousness - the desire to follow the arrow of primary Intention and to bring forth the new, and the desire to return to the original undivided Unity.


The great religious divide has occurred along these lines.  On one side those religions that defined and taught the way of return to the very beginning, to the place of One.  On the other, those religions that defined and taught the path of forward movement, of evolution, of becoming.  East and West, unity and duality, past and future, God as Consciousness and God as Creator. These are the choices that have infused mankind's spiritual and religious history.


Today, another choice appears, another way of looking at things.  It is the path of reconciliation.  The path of unification of the two ways.  Through the human soul it is possible for both ways to coexist - for human consciousness to hold the primary Unity and simultaneously to differentiate out of that Unity in order to further the arrow of Creation.  It is possible to do this because Matter (Mater-Mother) and Spirit (Father) are becoming unified on the human plane, never again to be separate from each other.


This human consciousness that can accomplish both is not a return to the Father or the Mother, nor a return to the Nameless One.  Rather, it is an incorporation of both into Consciousness itself.  Being and Becoming, Unity and Multiplicity - the ultimate fulfillment of the Creative impulse.  It is the way of reconciling all aspects of differentness and bringing together Matter and Spirit into a seamless whole.


Such is the destiny of the human soul and of the human consciousness -  to complete the circle of Creation, creating a micro-Cosmos within each self that parallels the  macro-Cosmos of the manifested universe.  Henceforth, the One shall live within the Many, dwelling among them as the Presence of One, and the Many shall live within the One, knowing themselves to be part of the Oneness.


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