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Dear Beloved Ones,

"Emanations of Healing Light" is a new and expanded Light Omega calendar for bringing light, hope, and inspiration to those seeking spiritual nourishment.    It brings to a new level the possibilities for incorporating light into one's body and consciousness through the text itself, through the photos, and especially through the recordings that accompany the daily messages.  The calendar is designed to be sent to loved ones in need of spiritual support or to be used for oneself. 

Emanations of Healing Light is a melding of the spiritual inspiration of Julie with the exquisite photos of Bahman Farzad whose work conveys light as the very essence of the flowers he so delicately portrays.  Its recordings by Julie amplify both the meaning of the messages and the light that they carry so that both can be absorbed more fully. 

You are encouraged to send Emanations of Healing Light to loved ones in need of spiritual support by sending them the link to this page or one of the daily messages so that they will have a chance to listen to the recording.  Let this calendar be a nourishment for your own soul as well. 

It is recommended that you spend a few moments each day with each message, listening to the recording, allowing it to seep into consciousness and connect with whatever spiritual truth it resonates with.  This allows for spiritual deepening, and its effects may be felt throughout the day.

Here are some selections from Emanations of Healing Light:


All that you are, and all that you will ever be,

exists within you as a seed that will one day bear fruit. 


This is the gift of Creation - that what you imagine as

possible IS possible.    



The hand you extend to others is the hand you extend to God. 

The heart that you give to care for the world

is the heart you share with God.


Prayer is a song you may sing to the Beloved.

Though the music may be forgotten

and the  words half-remembered, 

the heart knows the Source from which all

music comes.



If you would like to receive Emanations of Healing Light please use the signup form below.  You will immediately receive an e-mail asking you to confirm your subscription.  PLEASE WATCH FOR IT.  Once your subscription is complete, a welcome message will be sent to you.  The first day of the Calendar will arrive one day later.  Calendar messages will come to you for 118 days.

With blessings and gratitude for the love you are bringing to the world at this most sacred time of transition.

Julie of Light Omega





WE WELCOME any contribution you can make toward this Calendar in acknowledgment of what you are receiving.  (Read the "Philosophy of Donations.") Your donation will help us continue our work.  Please click the image below or use one of the links that you will find within the Calendar itself. 



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Photo - Bahman Farzad