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Beloved Ones,

We have an expectation of the human life-span that is a combination of cultural, historical, biological, and genetic factors, and though we find a good deal of variation in life-expectancy based on all of these factors, it nevertheless falls within a certain expectable range.  We do not expect, for example a human being to live till one hundred and fifty years. 


This picture of life-expectancy is based, however, on the physical structure and function of the human body as we have come to know it, and especially on the ways in which cells, tissues, and organs, deteriorate or decline in their functioning with the onset of a certain number of years.  Our understanding of the light body which is the new version of physical structure and function will lead us to a different conclusion about what constitutes 'old age,' and what may be expected in terms of the diminishing of function  regarding the cells, tissues, and organs of the body.


When the physical body is nourished, maintained, and supported by physical means, we can estimate that its life-expectancy will fall within the normal expectable range.  However, when the physical body is nourished, maintained, and supported by spiritual means, that is, by the light energy that can provide sufficient nourishment for cells, tissues, and organs, then we may expect to see a change in what it means to grow old and what it means to remain healthy into one's later years in life.  The expectation of decline in function, in particular, is very much connected to the nourishment and maintenance of the body through physical means, not through the Source of life.  As bodies begin to take on higher frequencies of light, as they resonate more with their spiritual Source, spiritual nourishment can sustain life far longer than has currently been anticipated.


Much depends upon our understanding of the interaction between spiritual energy and physical energy.  The body is not and never has been a solid structure.  It has been and is an interactive network of energies whose functioning has maintained what seemed like a solid physical structure.  When sufficient light raises the vibration of the physical body, then the Source of light which is the Divine Source of life can maintain it until such time as the soul that inhabits the body has deemed it time to let go of it because it has served its purpose.  The authority of the soul in relation to the body is part of the transition in relation to the light body, for the soul's presence within the body is the source of light, and the soul may use the physical vessel for its own purposes until it completes the task or tasks that it has set out to accomplish within a given lifetime.  The idea of wanting to live forever is a human wish, based on a lack of understanding of the continuity of life beyond physical death.  Once this understanding gains widespread currency, life will be seen to take many forms and aspects, of which living within a physical incarnation is one.  When life is seen as continuous beyond the body, the wish to hold onto the physical vessel beyond the purposes of the soul will change drastically.


In this time of expanding light on Earth, the creation of the light body can be assisted by those who choose to recognize and adapt to those activities, both inner and outer, that promote greater light absorption and incorporation.  As we as a collective humanity understand the new consciousness and new body that is coming into being at this time, we will celebrate this fact and begin to shift our perceptions of life expectancy, of aging, and of life in general. This is the time that many have been waiting for and the new possibilities for the body have already begun.



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