Mandala of Organic Life

Unfailing in devotion, trees give life

and support life


Julie of Light Omega

As the Earth’s vibration increases due to the inflow of greater spiritual light, so, too, does the awareness of all of life move to a new level, including the awareness of plants and trees.  These beings, who have always maintained a level of awareness of their surroundings as well as a connection with all that is, are now moving to a new and higher level of consciousness in which they can communicate emotionally, and sometimes in thought, in ways that were not possible before.


The increased consciousness of plants and trees does not separate them from the oneness of which they are a part.  Yet, their capacity to respond to the nuances of life around them and to interpersonal interaction that they may have with human beings is a new phenomenon, generated by the greater light that has entered the Earth and that is sustaining their physical and energy bodies. This shift is creating within plants a desire to seek the expression of love in new ways, since it is natural to their essence.


Plants differ from each other in their awakeness.  Some within the same species are more awake than others.  Physical environment influences this as does the emotional or interpersonal climate concerning the human beings that plants interact with.  ‘Awakeness’ as the capacity to be aware of another and to respond to that other is growing within all creatures of the Earth.  Many plants now have the ability to respond emotionally to humans.  Trees, in particular, at this time, are developing a more individualized consciousness, even while they remain part of the Oneness.


This change in nature as it relates to consciousness brings new possibilities and new responsibilities to the humans who interact with plants and trees.  Conscious beings can be helped or harmed by the human beings they interact with.  There is also a greater responsibility that human beings have toward conscious beings, a responsibility that involves respect toward another life-form that has the right to exist, as all life-forms do, and that feels pain.  Trees, for example, as they increase their awareness and develop more individualized identities, feel more pain when they are abused or neglected, and a great deal more when they are cut down in a non-sacred manner and without their consent.  Plants, though less individualized than trees, awaken more and flourish when they are respected, and languish when they are treated indifferently or neglected.


The practice of talking with plants and trees is a promising one for both plants and humans, as it brings human beings into a new and deeper relationship with the natural environment that did not exist before at this level.  Now, feelings of love can be communicated more powerfully by plants and trees and can be returned by human beings who choose to share in this way.


There is a great need for healing in this area of relationship, for human consciousness has moved far in the direction of objectifying the life of trees and plants, seeing it as merely being in service to human needs and wants.  However, the newly expanding life of plants and trees asks that human beings exist within a more personal and sacred relationship with growing things, and that respect and love be accorded to all that lives.


When trees are cut down wantonly, a wound is created in the earth, in the forest in which the tree grows, and in the surrounding trees, that often takes a very long time to heal.  The wound to the earth is one of pain, and human awareness needs to know that the earth as well as her plant life can feel such pain.  In a different but related way, when plants are treated disrespectfully, they become weaker in their life force, drabber in their colors, and overall lose a large portion of the vitality which is inherently theirs.


As plants and trees awaken further to become more conscious, it is necessary that human beings awaken also to become more conscious of them.  This is the reciprocal relationship of life to life that all humans are involved in, whether consciously or not, and it requires the full participation of  humanity in order to further the healing of the Earth  and the regeneration and renewal of life everywhere.



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