You are not who you think you are.

You are a being of light from the Universe,

a child of the One.



The 'True' and 'False' Self

Julie of Light Omega

Those who seek a spiritual language and foundation for assisting the growth of others who do not yet have concepts for such things as transformation and purification may benefit from knowing that the language of 'light' and 'darkness,' the language of 'energy' and of energetic phenomenon may be translated into more familiar concepts.  These words, while representing a significant and current reality, may not be accessible to those who are embedded within a more traditional awareness. For these souls, in the transition to the new world of energy and of the soul, common language that is used to describe the self may be used more easily with an emphasis on distinguishing between the 'true' self and the 'false' self. This is a concept that many can understand without further spiritual background or education.

Within the domain of soul awareness, the 'true' self consists of those aspirations, ideals, and motivations that represent the desire for the 'good' - aspirations toward love, kindness, sharing, creativity, offering one's gifts to the world and to others. These are intrinsic properties and motivations of the deeper self or soul. The 'false' self are those motivations and attitudes which one thinks belong to the self because they often have a long history of being present, yet are not the 'true' self. 'False self' motivations generally arise out of fear and the need to protect oneself against anticipated harm on both physical, mental, and emotional levels. They also arise as a result of environmental disturbances that affect one's emotions and physical being without one's knowing it. False self motivations include resentment, the desire for revenge, judgment of others, hatred, contempt, a need to assert one's superiority, selfishness, indifference, etc. 'False' self motivations create separation from others and often create conflict between individuals or groups. 'True' self motivations create love, joining, and a desire to give to others and to be given to by others.

The distinction between the 'false' and 'true' self is the distinction between attitudes that the personality has acquired and attitudes that are innate to the deeper part of one's being. This is a distinction that many can recognize, even without perceiving themselves as a soul. For even without using the language of the soul and without using the language of energy, many know that they have a deeper self and a more superficial self, a kinder more loving self, and one that is prone to judgment and blame. By believing in the 'true' self of others even in the presence of contradictory behavior, and by helping them dis-identify or separate from motivations, feelings and actions that do not represent this true self, much progress can be made toward purification and growth. Such a gentle unfoldment describes a path that leads to greater truth and greater soul awareness, one that does not require any other belief, consideration, or orientation other than the desire to be true to one's deeper self. This very human motivation, the desire to live fully as oneself, can then be the bridge to relinquishing alignment with energies, motivations, and attitudes that have often been identified as the self but that now need to be let go of. In the letting go process, the opening to greater light will inevitably take place, and a new capacity to witness one's own changing idenity will be born.


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