Mandala of the Soul

Burst into singing all ye lands,

for the time of awakening is here.




Julie of Light Omega

As we embrace the idea that all is energy and that reality is mutable, that is, that it can be changed, we begin to turn inward. We begin to take more responsibility for our beliefs and perceptions.


Beloved Ones,

There is no 'out there.' There is nothing 'solid' that you are seeing, hearing, or touching.  All of what is 'out there' is the reality that is based on what is 'in here,' in your inner attitudes, perceptions, and ways of looking at life.  What you consider to be 'external reality' is shaped by projections, taken in this sense to mean the projection of inner attitudes, meanings, and interpretations onto outer events, people, situations, and even onto objects.


We are becoming more accustomed to the idea that nothing is solid, that all is energy in motion.  However, as a collective consciousness, as a collective body of the One we are not there yet.  We have not yet discovered the way in which 'projection' determines everything we see and everything we respond to, causing us to think it is 'real' and 'solid' and 'immutable.'


Some of us have learned through experience that no two people view colors in the same way, or sounds, or music, or even the smell of fresh country air.  What we take in of external stimuli is filtered through our needs, wants, beliefs, and desires, as well as by our hopes, dreams, expectations, and deeper sense of truth.  As we embrace the idea that all is energy and that what we hold to be 'reality' is mutable, that is, that it can be changed when our inner perceptions and beliefs change, we begin to turn inward.  We  begin to take more responsibility for our process of perceiving and for the choices we make about how we view things.  For, indeed, beloved ones, perception is a choice as much as anything else is a choice.  Because we are, for the most part, still deeply embedded in the emotional reality we carry, it often seems that it is not a choice, that there is only one way to view things.  But this is not the truth.  There are many ways to view things and the power we give to the motivation to love determines a great deal about how we will view life.  If we give importance to the motivation to love, if we reject motives that we feel are less loving and less worthy, we allow the light of the Divine to enter us which creates a greater possibility for separating from other more negative emotions we have carried.  If we give the motivation to love importance, it becomes the prism or filter through which we begin to see things.  In this process, we begin to see more and more clearly where we approach our ideal of love, and where we stray far from it.


However, the possibility also exists for a moment, a year, a lifetime, or in specific and particular situations to embrace and hold to an emotional motivation that is not love.  Then, we enter a different vibrational reality, one that gives us less access to the Divine light that can help and heal us, and we remain for longer periods of time in the embedded emotional matrix that we have been in and are continuing to create for ourselves.


Our perception of the world is based on these motivational choices that we make, on the beliefs and values that we hold, and on what we choose to pay attention to.  The world as seen through our eyes is a different physical world than the world as seen through our neighbor's eyes.  This is because inwardly we are paying attention to different things.  We are giving importance to different things.  And so our view of outer reality reflects this.


Yet, because we are in transition, because we are here at a time on Earth in which light is expanding, it is also drawing us toward our own deeper truth and away from the more surface emotions that we have carried, sometimes for a very long time.  It is drawing us to the love that is our essential nature.  As we choose to let go of the lesser emotions we may have clung to, we allow ourselves to go deeper into the truth that resides within the deepest layers of our hearts and within our soul, and then this truth which is all about love becomes the motivation through which we view the world.


We are each, beloved ones, on our way toward full reunion with our deeper truth.  We are each being called to relinquish past identities and beliefs in favor of a new identity that is more real.  Now, at this time of great opening and of great change, we need to look closely and carefully at the values we are holding within ourselves, for these values are shaping our outer lives.  In doing this, all help shall be given, for the purposes of holy light are to bring each and every embodied soul into full and complete wholeness within themselves so that a life that is truly human and Divine can be lived on Earth, and so that all traces of separation can come to an end.



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