The world of children is a world of magic.

Julie of Light Omega

The world of children is a world of magic, in which all is possible and unexpected surprises are everywhere.  This world becomes contracted and diminishes as the adult rational mind develops and begins to replace the innate spiritual perception of life as magical, with the perception of life as ordinary and predictable.  Nevertheless, many adults seek to regain the sense of magic in life through their advancing spiritual growth which restores childlike wonder through the perception of Divine life everywhere.  Such a perception does not replace rational thinking.  Rather, it restores rational thinking to its rightful place as only part of a greater whole, a whole in which Divine life and Divine magic can produce unexpected consequences in all walks of life.

The enlargement of the rational mind at the expense of the spiritual senses has led to a pessimism and undervaluing of the magical in life, often considering this pessimism and devaluing as a more adult stance in relation to life itself.  Such a view diminishes the capacity for delight in life, as it diminishes the capacity for hope and trust.  It does not lead to a more realistic view of life as many think today.  It leads to a contraction of perception so that reality is perceived only within a narrow range and the rest of reality fades altogether.

Parents at this time have an important choice in relation to what they offer to their children regarding the boundaries of perception and the range of experience concerning what life holds.  They may at this time of expanding light upon the Earth, choose to hold the more seemingly adult and sober point of view to not extend expectations and hopes beyond the visible and physical.  Or they may, in keeping with their growing spiritual sensibilities, offer to their children the return to a view of the world and of life as magical, infused in all respects by Divine providence and Divine love.  Such love can create outcomes that are not linear, that cannot be predicted, and that can change the ordinary into the non-ordinary.

This choice is made by parents in all their communications with their children, and in the things that they teach them concerning what to expect from life.  Within children's stories, poems, and within the things that they are presented with for entertainment, this choice also plays an important part.  Though many children's offerings are magical in the sense that they contain elements of fantasy that are not real by adult standards, these same offeerings are often pessimistic and contracting where it comes to love, hope, and trust in the goodness of life.  These same offerings which portray the spontaneity and joy of life in its most ordinary moments, can also contain violence, destruction, cruelty, antagonism, and humor that has lost its innocence.  Parents choose, by example and with each word they utter, which view of life they wish to impart to their children, and it is an important choice, a choice that young children, especially, absorb by osmosis at a very early age.

Divine magic is everywhere.  It is in nature itself and it is also in the daily life of those who have committed themselves to live a life permeated by spiritual beliefs and atmosphere.  Such a life is spontaneous and free.  It partakes of the extraordinary.  It attunes itself to the invisible Divine hand that moves through all events, and thus all events can take on a magical and unexpected aspect.

Within many children's stories and poems we encounter the choice that parents face in a dramatic way.  For example, one of the most popular children's poems of the last century  is a Mother Goose rhyme called 'Humpty Dumpty.' Humpty Dumpty is about an egg that fell off the wall and could not be put back together again.  Here, in this little rhyme, the world comes apart in a way that cannot be fixed.  It speaks to the child's inner being of what can happen in relation to the unexpected.

Such a sober view may not be one that parents subscribe to, yet poems, stories, and other offerings shared with children create an emotional milieu for them.  Oten, and even among very popular poems and stories, it is an emotional milieu containing the loss of hope in Divine magic.  However, let us imagine a different poem representing a different reality that can be offered to children - one in which the world comes together, not apart, and in which adversity can be overcome by the power of belief in the possible.

Here are the two poems, the first, the more traditional one:


Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall,

Humpty Dumpty had a great fall,

All the king's horses and all the king's men,

Couldn't put Humpty together again.

and the second



From:  Rhymes and Poems for Children of the Light

Humpty Dumpty was a round egg,

Humpty Dumpty had a big head,

Try as he might to stand up and be still,

Humpty Dumpty rolled downhill.

Humpty Dumpty wasn't afraid

if someone bumped him, that he would break.

He had a magic all his own,

if he got cracked, new skin would grow.

Humpty's magic gave him hope,

if he rolled down a slippery slope,

he'd turn end to end and roll back to the top,

Magical Humpty could never be stopped.

Humpty's hope was magic, indeed,

for what he could do, if he believed,

He might be an egg and unable to stand,

But he was magic, and thick-skinned,

     and grand!

The choice that is contained within these two poems on one side has to do with belief in the possible, even in the face of the seemingly impossible.  The choce on the other side has to do with the restriction of belief to life as it already is.  On the one side is the belief that reality can be newly created.  On the other, the belief that the past determines the future.  Such a choice has everything to do with how one conveys Divine reality to children.  Though children recognize this within their soul, they have incarnated within bodies to learn this on the physical level as well.  Deep within this choice that all parents must make, lies an orientation toward all of life.

Today, we have entered a new era, one in which new choices must be made as to how to hold life.  The advent of new and holy light on Earth is bringing to the consciousness of all who are open the understanding that physical life is permeated by invisible threads of love and hope that emanate from a Divine source.  Such a life can no longer be perceived as ordinary.  Such a life can no longer be predicted on the basis of past experience.  We have entered the time of the new and the newly created, and as such, must open our minds and hearts to the possibilities that a Divine and sacred life may offer to us.  These possibilities were not visible before.  Some were not even possible before.  Yet they are here now, accompanying the expression of Divine life that is changing the physical and solid reality we have grown accustomed to.  It is changing the underpinnings of that reality and asking all people, including parents, to reconcile their existing beliefs and practices with a new and more open view of what life may contain. 

Belief is the co-creator of life. Belief in Divine life that is part of one's own brings to the heart and mind the inspiration and trust that can generate the new and unexpected, even within circumstances that formerly seemed unmoveable.  The shift in consciousness itself has a power to create that returns life to the magical in ways that cannot be predicted, in ways that are in keeping with a world in which God is present, not absent. 

What you believe most deeply shall be. The same holds true for those teachings that are passed on to children.  It is for this reason that parents need to choose wisely and with trust in relating their teachings concerning the world to their children.  Shall they teach them of Humpty Dumpty who cannot be put back together again? Or shall they teach them about Humpty Dumpty who himself learns to roll uphill?




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