Blue Lotus Opening

The Life within the life. All that is, is holy.

Julie of Light Omega

Holiness exists all around.  It is the perception of Divine creation.  All that is, radiates divinity.  This is the source of holiness. 


Intrinsic to each thing that lives is the life force within it.  That life force is radiance that comes from the source of life.  It shapes itself into a particular form, a particular color, a particular fragrance.  But it is all the source of life infusing creation.


The perception of holiness makes what is real more real. It allows the heart, the soul, and even the mind at times to recognize the inner life behind the outer appearance.  The perception of holiness draws from the perception of color, for example, something that is beyond the outer color, something that is the life of the color.  Such a perception conveys to the heart the knowing that everything is alive.  Everything.


The awakened senses perceive life everywhere.  Not just biological life, but the life infusing the biological life.  This is divinity.  It is the indwelling presence of God within creation.  It is here.  It is now.


The earth radiates holiness.  It is in the life of the leaves.  It is in the scent of the air.  It is in the sound of the birds.  Each bird is speaking to God as well as to its brethren.  It is also speaking to the heart that is listening. 


Easiest of all to see or feel is the holiness of souls, for their essence is made visible in so many ways.  Each soul is on a journey.  Where they are on that journey can be seen in the eyes, in the face, in the gesture of the hands, in the scent of cologne that adorns.  All of these are like the outer form of a leaf or flower, revealing the heart that is inside.  Each soul has a heart that beats with life.  The life of the soul.  The life of God.


The present moment is holy.  God’s life is manifesting in this moment, waiting to be given fullest expression. Whether one does or does not, the moment is still holy.  It is simply that its holiness goes unnoticed.


Human beings have the opportunity to live in this way, the way of the holy.  Seeing the Life within life.  Feeling the holy Breath of God everywhere.  It is a matter of opening further, of breathing, of listening…



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