Behold a new Earth arising.

The light within each one is being born.

Julie of Light Omega


Do not chastise yourself for what you cannot yet accomplish because of inner limitations. These limitations are there for a purpose, and when the time is right they will dissolve in the greater light of Truth.  5-21-16

As water vapor condenses into water, so, too, does your higher being condense into its physical expression.  There is no separation.  One becomes the other. 4-30-16


What is a shared life? It is to know oneself as 'part of.' As a  drop is part of the ocean, so your individual life is 'part of' the One life taking many forms. There is no separation.  There is only One. 4-9-16


The heart opens and listens for the sound of the Voice that is its comfort and home, the divine Voice that carries the promise of the future.  4-8-16


I enter thru the holy Breath and touch the reality within you that is most real to awaken it. This reality that has been asleep stirs to life, born anew, rejoicing.  4-3-16


A new planet, a new reality comes into being. Something that was always there is made visible. So it is with the knowledge of divine Oneness. What was always true and present becomes known. 1-23-16


Forgiveness and compassion can go to deeper and deeper levels so that one forgives the rejection of that which is held as most sacred, knowing the role that darkness plays in this. 12-21-15


Do not think because your mind is turbulent with waves crashing that your being is turbulent. Inside is a place of peace, a place of rest, a place where I Am. 12-15-15


In the Unity of life there is no separation between what is 'spiritual' and what is not. All is spiritual.  All is holy.  We must get used to this idea. 12-9-15


America is not just a location but an idea whose origin is embedded in light.  As such its purpose is transformative and its actions must reflect this. 12-5-15


There is never only one way to respond to a situation, no matter how distressing. The emotions may not believe this but the soul is wedded to a deeper truth.  12-3-15


Many ask how things will change: through the true motivations of the heart being revealed to awareness through the expansion of light. All that departs from love shall be known. 12-3-15


In times ahead a new concept shall emerge: giving one's mind to God; giving one's emotions to God. This is the purification that shall be.  12-2-15


The concept of sacrifice based in love shall grow larger within human consciousness so that  we seek comfort and all good things not only for ourselves but for all.  12-1-15


A new view of aging shall arise based in light, in which fears may be let go of and trust in the future begin. This shall include old age as well.  11-29-15

The concept of 'governance' needs to be applied to the way in which citizens view the governing body of the Republic.  For unlike the word 'government' which implies something solid and over 'there', the word 'governance' is fluid and interactive, having to do with the interplay between those in positions of authority, judgment, and decision-making and the public from which they draw this authority.  Governance shall make of the New Republic of America a living organism that is united within both its structure and within its consciousness.  8-12-15



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