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As change becomes more possible in the presence of greater spiritual light, the importance of letting go of all labels relating to one’s previous identity becomes greater, as does the importance of being present in each present moment.


For most of human history, which includes the history of each individual life, the future has been predicated upon a view of the past, with predictions made on the basis of what has been.  This linear equation is no longer necessary.  New choices can be made, supported by light, and old labels can be released, knowing that a new perspective can become real.


Such a shift in perspectives is a result of light unfolding the inner connections with the soul-self, while at the same time helping to release fears and limitations that are the legacy of the past.  Inner connections with the soul always move one in the direction of greater wholeness and the fuller expression of one’s inner being.  Labels, by contrast, constrict, solidify, and reduce the unfolding potential of one’s core self. They insist that what was shall be again.


Labels operate at a subtle level.  One does not intend to label things, but any statement that says: this is the kind of person I am or have always been, these are the kinds of problems I have, these are the things I am afraid of, etc….  tend not to  allow the new inflow of light to change existing premises.  More open are the prayerful requests that say:


“May I be healed of all fear so that only love remains.” 

“May I come to know my true purpose in life.” 

“May I be helped to release the past and to know myself as a true child of God.” 


Prayerful requests for healing acknowledge past constructs but open the heart to change.  They open the mind to look for new ways of perceiving things.  Trust in the power of light to heal and make whole opens one’s whole being to the new, to the possible, and to the unfolding movement that can be witnessed moment to moment.


Being present within each moment is the way in which the greatest influx of light can be experienced.


Being present reveals truth to one’s consciousness and illuminates those areas of healing that are still needing to take place.


Being present allows one to witness those places where a clinging to the past may still operate, and where the choice can be made that one no longer needs to think like that or to look at things in the old way.


Predictive statements founded on what has been are ways in which the human psyche has traditionally comforted itself.  This has given rise to self-created ‘I-statements’ that are a shorthand for understanding life, feelings, and behavior.  These statements have organized life so that it became more familiar and less fearful.   Nevertheless, this is a new time, and all of life is moving into greater wholeness and greater oneness with the Divine.  Now, more than ever, embracing the fluidity of who one is becoming opens the door to change, establishes the heart in trust, and acknowledges that the miraculous and formerly impossible can become real.



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