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The breath of inner knowing, of guidance, and of Divine truth can come to each one who learns to listen.  This breath acts like a light within consciousness, showing the way that needs to be followed, not just outwardly in terms of action, but inwardly in terms of what to pay attention to.


Listening is more than hearing.  It is a total sensory experience that involves sensing the inner movements that are taking place within awareness – movements that are more kinesthetic than auditory – movements that have to do with increased connection with one’s soul-self and with the Divine source of one’s being.


These movements of awareness, today, reflect the increased light that is present on the planet and present within physical matter.  This light affects the physical and energetic body of every living thing.  It brings into awareness those directions, motivations, feelings, and longings that will ultimately manifest greater wholeness.  In essence, such movements are a path to freedom for the embodied self, the self that has for so long felt separated from its higher counterpart.  Within the inner movements of awareness, come the sights, sounds, and directions of the larger self, reaching into the domain of physical matter, seeking to find expression and the space in which to express within the physical plane.


Moving with this Divine flow is as natural as breathing once one knows that it is possible.  However, it sometimes happens that the mind discredits the subtle movements of awareness that are taking place.  The rational portion of the mind, which for many has been emphasized during the long history of the soul on Earth, frequently discredits the validity of the more subtle, cosmic, or multi-dimensional perceptions that may emerge within one’s awareness, including those aspects of guidance that may come from external sources of help, rather than from one’s own higher self.


Validating one’s own perceptions is essential for moving in the direction of Divine integration.  Validating one’s perceptions means trusting that meaning may be found in events that the rational mind may not fully comprehend, but that another part of the self finds meaningful.  Such a perception of meaning may happen, even if the precise meaning of a situation, event, or encounter is not known.  Even so, the deeper self may feel that something significant or profound is occurring.


All of life is being led forward toward greater wholeness as part of a new integration of matter and light, and all of life that has been bound in chains of fear and separation is being set free from these chains.  One’s own part in this transformation is partly given, in the sense that one’s physical and energetic being cannot remain uninfluenced by the changes taking place in the planetary body.  On the other hand, choosing to emerge from a perspective that gives credence only to physical reality enhances and accelerates the passage into an expanded perception of life.  It is this expanded perception that is the link with the greater beingness of each embodied soul.  It is also the link with the Divine knowing that resides, eternally, within the depths of each soul, holding for the human self, the truth of Divine reality.



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