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Just as a child will often relish coloring in a coloring book in order to savor the opportunity of freely creating images through the very personal use of color, so, too, does the adult consciousness have an innate capacity to attune to various colors, some preferentially, some in relation to the stage of life that one is at, and some in relation to internal conditions that are in need of healing. 

Though having a preferred color for an entire lifetime is common among people, it is also true that at different times of life one is attracted to different colors because the spiritual and emotional vibrations they carry resonate most strongly with what is felt internally at a particular moment in time.  For this reason, one can suddenly become hungry for 'blue', or for 'yellow', or for 'red' – because each of these colors communicates an energy that goes directly into the body through the eyes, and assists in recalibrating the entire psycho-physical organism in ways that are both subtle and complex.  Each color within the entire visible spectrum contains a vibration whose impact connects the individual perceiver to their environment and to their inner life in particular ways. 

Blue, for instance, is commonly known for its connection with peace and tranquility, yet for some, it may create a depressive or heavy effect.  Yellow, by contrast, may be uplifting for some, yet feel ungrounded and too cheerful to others.  Where we are with our own consciousness has a great deal to do with our perception of color, but the fact of our receptivity is part of the collective human experience - part of the blessing offered by the landscape of physical life which has been designed to offer beauty of great variety within nature as well as within each individual soul.

The vibratory effect of living a 'colorless' life is one in which there is little vitality or energy, and in which things seem to continue in an automatic way, often with a lack of turbulence, but also with a lack of a great deal of meaning.  By contrast, to be considered 'colorful' is another way of saying that one has a great deal of kinetic energy – the energy of self-expression which can manifest in many ways and in many different directions.  'Colorful', in this sense, describes one who engages life with a vitality and intensity of life that conforms to a unique and singular pattern of expression.

The light-frequencies and vibratory range of different colors have become well-known through scientific study over several centuries.  Their emotional and spiritual qualities have also become much more widely understood.  What is less understood, at this point, is the relationship of color to the individual psyche and soul, and the way it can be used to connect that soul with the embodied self experience. 

The soul does not have a color, nor does it exist within a dimension of physical reality in which objects are defined by external characteristics.  Rather, the soul exists within a matrix of vibrational frequencies which it resonates with according to its own internal nature, and when it finds it own balance within the spiritual atmosphere in which it exists, it settles into a pattern that contains a primary vibrational frequency which, translated into the human realm, creates the impact of color in a visual sense.  The translation of soul qualities into color qualities takes place along lines of translation of one level of vibration to another, in the same way that language is translated in order to communicate a similar meaning from one context to another.  The emotional and spiritual qualities of the soul can, in this way, be seen to clairvoyant vision as colors within a visible spectrum, and can be interpreted according to this representation.  This is true even though within its own realm, the soul does not exist as a being with color in the usual sense.

Similarly, within the human domain, emotional energies that are produced by internal states of mind, heart and body are reflected outwardly as vibrational frequencies which can be translated into the visual spectrum in the same manner as soul qualities.  Anger, for example has colloquially been referred to as 'seeing red'; depression, has similarly been referred to as 'being blue'.  These colloquial expressions allow us to have a consensual language for speaking about color - a language that lets us know that we are sharing a common human experience.

Accompanying the language of color and light, many forms of healing have developed to help foster the health of both body and emotions.  The human psyche is extremely sensitive to variations of color, even when the conscious self may not be aware of this or where, as in certain cultures, color is muted through custom or through religious restrictions.  Nevertheless, in general, the use of color to uplift, calm, soothe, or energize the human organism is a practice that continues from ancient times. With the expansion of spiritual awareness brought about by the greater presence of light, knowledge about color healing will expand into a new world of understanding and use. Whereas at this time we are still relying on physical intervention to deal with physical conditions in need of help or healing, in the world revealed by greater light, it will become possible and inevitable for healing of the physical to take place much more effectively through the application of principles of light and energy, and for the specific application of energies that are needed by a particular human body. 

Color in life is part of the grace of living in a physical body within a physical world.  Although the human realm is not the only realm in which color exists, its particular expression connected with physical form makes it unique throughout the spiritual universes. 

May all come to understand the gift of life that has brought humanity into an environment of light, life, sound, and color which is best suited to promote the health of body, mind, and heart, and to allow for the greatest expression of the soul.    

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