The Sense of One

To no longer be 'in front of' something,

but within it, a part of it.

Julie of Light Omega

As an hourglass allows sand to move in two directions depending upon which bulb  is above and which below, so, too, does God intend for the human soul to have the possibility of moving in two directions – toward oneness with all that is, merged within an infinite universe of light, and toward individuation as a distinct self, a point within that infinite universe. 

As the sand flows from one bulb of the hourglass to the other, so, too, is consciousness capable of flowing to a place beyond the limits of ordinary perception - beyond boundaries, names, definitions, and distinctions, into a pool of light in which there is only One - and from this to another place, when conditions warrant it, where we become unique, a single drop of the infinite light. 

Because both potentialities exist within human consciousness, what we call 'mystical experience' is, in all its many variations, both a deep experience of Oneness, yet also simply a part of what it means to be human.  For it is part of the perfectability of human awareness to know itself to be One with all that surrounds it, while at the same time being able to exist as a self in order to act, create, live, breathe, and bring this awareness into form. 

One day, what we separate out into something we call 'mystical' and something we call 'ordinary' will no longer be.  The mystical will not have a name, and especially  not a name that distinguishes it from the ordinary.  In that day, human potentiality  will have evolved sufficiently to bridge the distance between the infinite and the finite, between the invisible and the tangible reality of life within form.  Therefore, what is mystical shall simply be 'what is', and all of physical life will appear as a polarity within a shifting consciousness that moves back and forth between poles of awareness - now blending, merging, and losing one's boundaries, now coming forward to move, gesture, speak, and act.

For the present, however, we are still approaching that reality.  We are still learning to exist within the invisible – to take our place within it as full participants within a world whose definitions have changed and within which we cannot operate with our minds as the primary navigator. In this world, we are still getting used to trusting our intuition, and more importantly, to trusting Divine intuition and intelligence to lead us through the experiences that are both formative and expansive.

A large bulk of the learning lies in letting go of the old and of coming to understand the difference between feeling like part of something, and being in front of something while we observe it. This is the key distinction in the new perception - that we no longer see with the eyes of an observer, but rather permit an engagement with reality that is more intimate - one in which we lose the sense of separateness and gain the possibility for experiencing life in an expanded way.

When we arrive at this new perception, whether through meditation, attunement, or by the light of love and grace, suddenly, we are no longer witnesses. Instead, we are within the other, one with them, and there is no one left to observe.  There is just experiencing.  There is just being.

In this way, the opening of the mystical sensibility allows us to come to know the Beauty that is at the heart of Creation.  We do not think about it.  We become it.  We gain entrance into a world of the sacred and holy in which beauty is all there is. This great gift of expanded perception, this new awareness unfolding, springs from within us because it was always there.  Though in the past its inner presence may have been discovered by only an illuminated few, now, in this time of intensified light, it has become the road to greater Life for the many.  

For one day many will know these things that cannot be put into words and will realize that they are the most important things that we are able to experience.  This time has not yet arrived, but it is on the horizon.  We are moving into it and it is moving into us - the beginning of a new and sacred world revealed – the beginning of a new life for the inhabitants of the Earth.  


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