The Divine orchestration - All are One

Julie of Light Omega

Beloveds, we are shifting as a planetary body from linear time as a primary experience related to physical reality and the passage of minutes, hours, and days, to non-linear time in which all is held in and as a Divine flow that emanates from the Source. This Divine flow can be felt in each present moment. 


Within this flow, the soul asks to be led and is guided from moment to moment as to what each moment means and as to what is needed.  The Divine flow is what human beings are meant to experience as they return to God, no longer separated into a physical reality that resonates only with the visible expression of things, but vibrating with the new energy that emanates from the Source and infuses all of life.


The Divine flow emerges as idea, as emotion, as energy and as understanding.  There is not one way in which it is perceived or experienced. It is unpredictable and beyond the mind, and yet its intelligence guides each soul’s inner knowing and inner perception of truth.  Its movement becomes the shape and structure of a life.


Once having embraced this flow, the soul learns that it can become an extension of Divine will through its perceiving the energetic movement that is passing through consciousness, and through manifesting this movement in an expression on the physical plane.  Such manifestation re-establishes the relationship between the human soul and its Creator.  It re-establishes the Covenant made at the beginning of time of each being with the Source from which it came. It sets the tone for a new way of life on Earth.


Energy is the new movement which informs consciousness, creating a path of motivation within the Divine flow, instructing each individual soul where to go and what is needed.  Energy’s translation into activity joins the physical plane with the plane of Spirit, and manifests the Covenant with God that is the deeper and truer reality which replaces separated physical experience.


Thought has a place in each manifestation of Divine energy and intention, but a smaller place in terms of becoming the agent of action.  Rather, thought becomes subservient to the Divine flow as agent, and becomes an instrument of that Divine intention.


Each human  being who participates in this shift is being led to understand the transition to non-linear time and Divine flow in their own particular way.  Each expands in a way that is intimate to the soul.  And yet since all are One, all who participate in this Divine orchestration are harmonious within a greater whole.  Within that whole, all fit together as One.



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