Body of the One

Let us honor the one Body of which
    we are a part.
The blood that flows through our veins
    is one blood.
The Life that beats within us is one Life.
The Breath that moves through our lungs
    is one Breath,
holy, life-giving.

Some of us do not have clean water to drink.
We cannot wash away the toil of the day
    in the purity of bathing.

Some of us do not have enough food to eat.
We give to our children what we can,
    and yet some remain hungry.

Some of us are confused, and alone, and lonely,
and do not know where to turn for comfort
    even when others say "Come."

Some of us are in such pain that we turn
    to things that do not belong in the body
to make our bodies and our hearts feel better -
    to fill the emptiness.

We are one Body.
We are one Life.
We are one Breath of the Creator,
    living in time and space,
Waiting to recognize the truth
of our own Being,
the truth arriving now,
    the Body of the One.
– Julie of Light Omega –