Irreconcilable Differences

In this time of great conflict and division
between one group and another,
one belief and another,
and one view of government and another,
it becomes incumbent upon those
who care for the needs of the whole
to disengage from forces that would
create further division,
and instead to cling to the principles
of compassion and unity.
We may have difficulty locating these
principles within ourselves
because of feeling offended by another’s
point of view.
We may feel that there are
irreconcilable differences.
If we truly believe this,
we give power to those forces
that would separate America into pieces
so that it cannot come together
as the sacred whole it is meant to be.
It cannot unify under one banner,
the banner of Divine love and trust.
If we hold to this view,
we empower energies of separation
to seek further inroads into our minds
and decisions,
rather than basing these on the deeper truths
that live within us.
Instead, we must view all persons
as more than their beliefs,
as souls created by the one Creator of All,
and in this light must disengage from
contempt, disrespect, or derision,
no matter how much we disagree.
We must choose to represent a higher
principle in which all are seen as children
of the Divine,
coming from the same sacred Source
as ourselves.
As such, all must be accorded respect,
no matter what their beliefs.
When we do this, we prevent the energy
of separation from gaining a foothold
within our minds and bodies,
and remain attached to the values
of the heart that are deepest within us.

We are a sacred world, a sacred nation,
and are meant to live together as one.
Let compassion be our guide, then,
allowing us to see past faulty thinking
to the inner core of each soul that remains.
Being guided in this way,
we uplift not only the level of discourse
as decisions are made that affect us.
We uplift the world as well.
– Julie of Light Omega –