A New Word

I hear from your lips a new word,
one that you have not spoken before,
and this word swells in meaning
like a sponge that soaks up water,
broadcasting to my heart
that you are in a new place
within yourself,
and have discovered a new word
that comes from this hidden place.
Like a small sprout that has not been
deliberately planted but that suddenly
springs up,
the life that is emerging is unexpected
yet strong.
I wait for it to multiply into many
new words of life and hope
that you will hear through your own ears
and be touched by,
and take comfort in.
For each new word is the beginning
of new life,
and each beginning adds to
what has come before,
so that the richness of your being
is perpetually coming into being,
unfolding the beauty and gift
of who you are.
– Julie of Light Omega –