Pillar of Light

O America, your future calls to me
with the voices of your founding
that live inside you still.
Your promise, embedded in your being,
is unfulfilled and cannot be fulfilled
until you become the destiny that you are -
a nation of light, built on the principles of
light, holding the sacred at your very core.
You, America, are a holy nation,
meant to be a light for all people,
a light that shows the way of hope and trust
in the Divine,
of love and unity within all walks of life.
You have been a nation of freedom for each
individual, but many have been excluded
from this commitment.
Now, you must become a nation of
freedom for all.
As this happens, freedom will be wed
to love and unity,
and you will become a pillar of light,
reaching through all that would diminish it
to the heavens and beyond.
– Julie of Light Omega –