Lost Innocence

Weep, weep, for the lost innocence
of those who, under the mantle of
darkness perceive themselves to be
walking in light.
Weep for the means by which the heart
is separated from its love so that only a
shadow of it remains,
a shadow, not a substance,
a shadow appearing to be solid but
unreal all the same.
The heart that has lost its capacity
to feel love may not know this,
may call ‘love’ something other than
what it is,
justifying this by the means that are
conveyed through untruths representing
themselves as truth.
Weep for the heart that cannot
tell the difference,
and pray for the dawning of light
that will allow each heart to
see its errant ways and to return to the
place of love and truth within itself.
– Julie of Light Omega –