Hopi Fifth World

It is the time of the building
    of the ‘fifth world.’
In the midst of darkness and confusion
    a world is ending
    and a new one beginning.
For the new one to be born
    the old must end.
It must reach the point where
    it can no longer continue
    in the old ways
    so that new ways can be found.
Now, we witness the destruction
    of the old ways,
but do not see the bright signs of
    a new future.
We do not see the birth that is
    happening in our midst,
    and so are afraid for our lives
    and for the life of the world.
The new is arising even now
    from the collapse of the old.
Invisibly, it is rising,
    and the wish of the heart to find
    a loving way of living together with
    each other and with the Earth
    is growing stronger in every moment.
Believe this, beloved one,
    believe it in the place of truth
    that lives within your deepest heart -
    that out of the debris of the present
    is arising a new shoot
    of light and hope that is laying
    the foundation for the ‘fifth world,’
    and it shall be unlike anything
    that has existed before
    in its promise of peace and kindness.
For the ‘fifth world’ is based on the
    unity of all in All, the unity of Oneness
    felt within the awakened heart.
The new sound of this awakened heart
    shall be heard above the sounds
    of present confusion.
Like a magnet, it shall draw other
    hearts to itself,
    those that seek a better world,
    built on a foundation of love and trust,
    and held in the embrace of Unity.
This is the new world arising,
    and we await its emergence
    with a steady heart,
firmly planted in the one Heart
that holds all hearts within itself.
– Julie of Light Omega –