Ninety-three died in Iraq today,
    their numbers broadcast in the blink
    of an eye.
Some were buying oranges,
some selling vegetables,
children were playing,
mothers calling out.
What do numbers mean when we hear them
    so often, when they slip down our throats
    with morning tea or coffee?

Can there be a new subject after this subject?
Can there be a new headline after this one?
Can we go about our day without remembering
    the deaths of so many in every motion
    and in every thought?

We must carry these souls with us,
    the ones departed and the ones remaining.
We must find the space within us to continue
    in trust and to mourn at the same time.
Only the Divine Heart within our own
    can know how to do this,
    can create the place within us
    that knows how to live in the presence
    of the ninety-three who do not.
– Julie of Light Omega –