Whispers of Truth

Whispers of truth come from
the deepest heart
that are messages from the soul.
Do not ignore them, beloved,
for they are your deepest self.
That small voice that asks to be heard
when no one else hears it, is you.
That childlike question about God
that no one else asks, is you.
That hushed awe in the presence
of great beauty that seems so immense
and difficult to comprehend,
is also you.
All these parts of you that are you
are longing to be set free
from confinement,
to speak and be upheld
as the unique and different-from-all-others
being that you are.
You are the creation of the Creator.
You are the extension of the One.
You, in your unique expression,
are the Divine seeing itself through
your eyes.
– Julie of Light Omega –