Seasons of Life

Let the seasons of life pass before us
without fear,
knowing that who we are is constant,
and what we are within the body
passes through stages of unfoldment
like a flower that buds and opens,
showering the Earth with its beauty,
then fading and dying to the form and
returning to its essence.
So, too, do we pass through
the seasons of life,
engaging with each new landscape
to drink in the experience of each,
to learn what we may from our movement.

Let the seasons of life be eased in this way,
through our hearts knowing of the eternal
in the passing, the intemporal
in the temporal,
that we may be fully present without a
trace of fear to what each stage offers:

childhood’s growth and learning,
adolescent awakening,
adult partnering,
bearing children and parenting,
ending the reproductive cycle,
moving from the physical to the spiritual
offering the gifts of wisdom,
passing from the body

Death is but a stage of ongoing life,
a change in conditions as are
all the other changes.
The heart that understands
learns to let go as each stage
transitions to the next,
embracing its goodness,
relinquishing control,
holding the assurance of eternal being,
knowing that at every turn of the road
we are already home.
– Julie of Light Omega –