Conversation with the Source of Life

Trusting the Divine in the present moment,
my heart leaps up and bows
to ask the Source of Life:
“What are You asking of me in this moment
O Source?”
The Source replies: “I ask that you respond
to the needs that arrive on your doorstep,
for I have sent them.”
“Find within your heart the thread
of greatest need and address it,
and then the next thread and the next.
In that way you will be meeting Life with Life.”
My heart says to the Source of Life:
“I am grateful, Beloved, to feel so sure of
what is being asked by You.
I bow to Your present moment and release
all that went before.
For this moment that is here
is Your fullest expression,
Your deepest request,
and my heart which is Your Heart
cannot help but say “Yes.”
– Julie of Light Omega –