Awaited Day

It is thus that the Awaited Day begins,
    with the longing of the heart calling out
    for what it feels it cannot live without.
This calling is a benediction,
    the assurance that what has been promised
    shall be.

O blessed hearts that have waited long,
    the Day arises that shall be your fulfillment.
The morning comes that follows the night.
The heart that has waited rejoices
    to feel the new Day rising.
It feels the caress of the Beloved
    upon its Breath and upon its Body.

This caress is All.
It subjugates the mind so that its doubts
    no longer matter.
It quiets the fear, so that its power
    is no longer compelling.
It stills the heart
    so that a greater silence can take place.

And in the silence
    a new Creation comes into being.
As it was in the beginning,
    so, too, is it now as the Spirit of God
    moves upon the face of the waters,
creating new Light,
creating new Life,
birthing the world that shall be.
– Julie of Light Omega –