Flow Like Water

Like water poured upon an open hand
that slips between the fingers,
so, too, must the will release control of life
in order to take part in the Divine flow.
Where the will hold on,
flow becomes stifled.
Where the will lets go,
the heart becomes the water
and flows with it to places unknown.
The heart seeks these unknown places,
while the will is often afraid.
The heart yearns to release striving,
to be carried on a current of pure Love,
while the will, used to having its own way,
feels bewildered by how anything will
get accomplished.
The heart does not ask this question.
The will does.
Only the current of pure Love
can heal this division,
making it safe for the will to let go,
to release its efforting
in order to flow like water
to an unknown destination.
– Julie of Light Omega –