Claiming Your Freedom

Fear grips the heart with icy fingers,
seeping into the mind with thoughts of
dread and foreboding,
creating a forgetting of what is true and
and real, and of the light.
Fear is an adversary as it seeks to override
the trust of the soul,
to remove the freedom of choice that is
intrinsic to each individual life.
Where fear is strong, choice becomes
dominated by its power and by its deception.
Thus, a loss of freedom ensues,
a loss to be avoided as much as
any external loss of freedom.
Fear makes us smaller,
reducing our capacity to discern,
creating hopelessness and mistrust
where hope in the benevolent Hand of the
Divine was once firmly grounded.
Fear erases belief in the possibility
of a solution to our dilemmas.

In all of this, fear diminishes us,
reducing our freedom.
Therefore, do not embrace that which
promotes fear in any form.
Turn from it, and seek the light instead.
For the light is the guarantor of things invisible
that speak of hope and truth and the
way of bringing these about.
Claim your freedom,
and do not give in to fear,
for in making you smaller
it can cause you to forget
the largeness of spirit that is
intrinsically yours,
that which has been implanted within you
since the beginning.
This spirit remains in a way
that fear can never eradicate.
It will, in the end, overcome all fear,
and lead you back to the light which
has never left you,
the light of your soul,
the strength, and purity, and brightness
of your eternal being.
– Julie of Light Omega –