Prayer for the Healing of a Nation

May the divine Heart of the One
hold the suffering of those who have been left out
of America’s freedom, equality, and justice.
May this Heart manifest, now,
to accomplish the work ordained
from the beginning -
to eradicate the darkness that gives rise
to separation,
and to institute a reign of love
that shall bring all beings
to the consciousness of the sacred.
In this consciousness,
may all come to bless the holy Earth
which is the body of the One,
and to revere the Heart
that holds all and is All.
May that Heart of Love come forth, now,
to bring peace and healing
to a suffering and divided nation,
so that ‘e pluribus Unum’ may become
the living reality by which all shall live,
and so that the consciousness of Oneness
may become the Breath of Life by which
all shall be nourished.

Om namo Bhagavate Vasudevaya.
We bow to the Divine Oneness that lives
within all beings. Amen.

– Julie of Light Omega –