The Body of the One-2

This Earth that is my Body is suffering
    as the glaciers melt and the ice disappears,
    and the animals can no longer find food.
My Body that is the Earth’s Body
    grieves with each pang of a drill
    that drills deep into the crust
    that is Her flesh,
    affecting not only the outer layer of Her Body
    but the inner layers as well.
For what body that is physical can be
    pierced without it having an effect on
    the whole,
    without it disturbing the harmony of the whole?
Even though the wound may heal
    and scar tissue form,
    the energy disturbed at the opening
    ripples through all layers of the Body.
This Body cries to be recognized
    as sacred, as holy,
    so that only those in holy relationship
    with it will affect it,
    and with utmost reverence will ask
    its permission to take from it
    in ways that will serve both Earth
    and human need.
From this place of sanctification
    new harmony shall emerge
    in which all needs can be met -
the needs of animals,
the needs of plants,
the needs of people,
the need to sustain the balance
    of the Earth’s energies,
    in keeping with Her existence as a holy Being.
O sacred Body of the Earth,
I pray and weep for you each time
    a drill enters your holy vessel,
    and ask that all be made right -
    that the consciousness of humanity
    may come to know that it is
    one with your Body, one with your flesh,
    and that all must live together in holiness,
    for all are One.
– Julie of Light Omega –