O Traveler, you have come so far
to learn to be in truth within yourself.
You arose from a vague and milky
state in which nothing was distinct
from anything else,
where thoughts and feelings
all blurred into each other,
in order to find the truth that was
uniquely yours.
You did not know there was such a truth,
accustomed as you were to the state
of un-knowing,
and have stepped into this human body
to inhabit it as you,
with your feelings, your pains,
your wishes, and your fears.
Such great beauty has grown in you
as you have come to know yourself
and come to be yourself.
Such great beauty as the precious being
that you are.
May this journey of embodiment be
blessed in all ways,
and may you bring your gifts of being
to the Earth, that all may be nourished
by them, and by the gift
of your expression of that which is One.
– Julie of Light Omega –