A New America

A new ‘monarchy’ arises
when dominance as a principle
is accepted without protest,
according to a subjective standard
of who is best suited to rule.
Such a ‘monarchy’ can take place
disguised as democracy,
and can be anything but democratic,
for in assuming the right of one or a few
to rule over others,
it demolishes the principle of
freedom of choice and
government by the people,
and replaces these with the principle
of government ‘for’ the people
by those who ‘know best.’
Such a monarchy in all but name
cannot last unless the people
give their freedom away,
fearing the consequences to follow
if they do not.
If, instead, they risk striking out on their own
to form a less perfect government
that will learn by doing
how to create a just society,
then monarchy will fail,
for the people of a nation have the
ultimate say in who shall rule them
or whether they shall be ruled at all,
and if they choose to maintain the true
principles of liberty, equality,
and justice for all that are the foundation
of democracy,
then, they will be able to institute a new
society governed by equitable law,
rather than by a monarch who claims power.
Such a society will grow and flourish
according to the will of the people to
support it, to create it,
and to live by the principles
which exist at its foundation.
Such a new society shall overturn the rule
of the would-be monarch, and reveal the
foundation of such rule
to be based on fear alone.
It shall, in the end, create a true republic
in which all people shall have a say in how
they are governed,
for the new government will be
‘by’ the people and not ‘for’ the people.
This new government shall be called
the ‘New Republic of America,’
and its virtue and promise shall last
because its foundation is light.
– Julie of Light Omega –