The Call to Serve

The voice of humility is the voice
of a nation that seeks to serve,
and has been created to serve
not only its own interests but
the interests of all.
This nation, founded in light,
shall be a beacon to all nations.
Representing the truest principles
of liberty and equality for all,
it shall hold the promise
of what mankind can become
when its social structure
is based on principles of love and respect,
and when knowledge of the unity
of all in All is accepted
as a foundational principle.
The beacon of light that shall go forth
from such a nation
shall change the nature of governance forever,
for it shall be plain to see
that the old ways are not the only ways
that human beings can create
a viable social and political structure,
but that new ways,
based in love and goodness,
can create a secure foundation
for a society that serves all.
Within such a society, the gap between
the ‘haves’ and ‘have-nots’ shall no longer
be a reality, for the care of all shall be for all,
and there will not be those who are
left behind or forgotten.
This misperception, more than anything else,
that has placed unequal value on human life
shall no longer be possible in a society
in which it is seen that all belong to all
and all are part of each other.
Within that knowledge,
men and women everywhere
shall extend love willingly and gladly
to one another,
for they shall know within
their deepest selves
that in serving the other they are
serving themselves,
and that in loving the other
they are joining the Oneness
that is the foundation of life.
– Julie of Light Omega –