From the Heart of America

From the Heart of America
the call goes forth
to awaken all hearts to their purpose
at this time.
Long past are the days when it is
possible to separate the ‘personal’
from the ‘planetary.’
Long past are the days in which we
could avoid noticing what is going
on around us, whether climate change
or the climate of the body politic.
We notice.
We are concerned.

We are being called,
each and every one of us,
to extend our consciousness
to embrace the greater whole
of which we are a part,
to not withdraw out of fear
of not being enough or not
trusting enough.
Trust is a property of our deepest
heart and soul.
It is a property of how we were created.
Therefore, the task of this time is not to
avoid awareness of mistrust,
but to find the way through it
to the deeper truth of who we are.
In the presence of trust,
each of us can extend hope
to all others and become
what is greatly needed at this time -
a force for hope in the world.

Beloved Ones, the call goes forth
from the Heart of America and from
the realms of light,
to awaken us to our sacred life and being,
and to convey to us the understanding
that this is not just a responsibility
but a joyful expansion
into our own wholeness and purpose -
the reason we are here.
May our hearts release all fear
and seek the trust and hope
that are deeper than fear,
that we may become what we
are each meant to be,
a voice for light and truth
upon the Earth.
– Julie of Light Omega –