The Sorrow of the Earth

All wanton death diminishes the Earth,
it diminishes life.    
The holy Earth cries out at the spilt blood,
saying: "You have killed one of My children."
Even in the presence of that one's crimes
the Earth still cries out,    
for the plight of one who has lost their way
is held dearly by the Earth,    
who sees in all killing only
suffering added to suffering.

The Earth says: "No death at the hands
of another is justified,     
for they are part of Me. I Am them."
"No death at the hands of another
will leave thee unscathed,    
for all action against life finds
its reaction within life,    
within the circle of action and reaction.

The Blessed Earth weeps for her children,
waiting for the day that shall bring
an end to killing,    
knowing that this Day will come to fulfill
the purposes of love.    
This day is the Day of the One,
the day of the Holy,
The Earth waits for it in eternal trust.
– Julie of Light Omega –