Pray for the children who grow up in a world
where death is at the doorstep.

Pray for the families who build their lives and
homes with hope, only to be uprooted.

Pray for those who do not know where to live
or how to live, whose very purpose has been

Pray for those who risk death itself crossing
the waters, holding the dream
of a new land just ahead and a new beginning.

Pray for those who are asleep to the suffering
of the world, who know only their own heartache.

Pray for those whose hearts are cold, who have
lost the belief in the power of love.

Pray for those who, instead of love,
seek the victory of their own false beliefs
and their own false edicts.

May all be held in the arms of prayer.
May all be held in the arms of love.
– Julie of Light Omega –